Monday, February 18, 2008

tatum and bryson sitting in a tree.....

i was watching tv the other day and tatum came to the top of the stairs and yelled:
tatum: mom, i kissed bryson!
me: what!?!?
tatum: i kissed bryson on the lips.
i ran to the bottom of the stairs
me: you kissed bryson on the lips?!?!?
tatum: yeah, i kissed bryson on the lips on tristans bed.
she said that with a big smile on her face. so you see how it got worse with every one of my questions. hahaha!!!
first it was a kiss
then it was a kiss on the lips
and finally it was a kiss on the lips on tristans BED!!!!
this girl is three and she is completely boy crazy. i don't know what to do about her. she plans her outfits around weather josh (one of the almost 17 year old boys from my sunday school class last year) is going to be where we are going to be. josh came over for a scavenger hunt the youth were having and she was in her P.J.'s. tatum disappeared, and after he was gone she came down stairs in a dress and asked, "where's josh?" or (doth as she calls him) and i said, "he left." and in a super sad tone she said, "he did? why?" it was so cute. i asked her if she changed for him and she said that she had. i don't know what to do with her she is just way too cute.


kara jayne said...

Watch out for that one in about 10 years!!

Kenyon said...

Oh my gosh, that is to funny. That girl cracks me up. Shes got the looks and the spunk and sass, that is definately a dangerous combination w/ the boys.....good luck :)

Enjoy Birth said...

First off, how cool there is another Bryson in the world. :)
Second off, best keep her away from my Carson, who is girl crazy. Tatum is such a cutie, I am SURE Carson would be smitten right away.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry, dad will make sure she stays locked in her room until she is 25. I'm starting to tell her that looking at boys will burn her eyes out. I hope this works. If not, I'll just tell her that if she looks at boys, she'll grow warts all over her face and she'll start to smell like a parmesan cheese scratch-n-sniff sticker.


P.S. That was for you Christine. A baby sandal scratch-n-sniff! AKA the pickle foot.

Shawni said...

Well I'm with Kara, you better watch out for her in about 10 years...because with those eyes and sweet face all the boys will be after her.

Sarah said...

So cute. I love that funny little story. Although Bryson is pretty mum about the whole story. He will not confirm nor deny. Love those two!!!

Gardner Family said...

Gotta love Josh though he does have a girlfriend I've heard. I love that Jeff wrote in about this!

Shelly Hanson said...

How cute! That brings back memories of Brad Alger and Jeff Sheilds! OH BABY!

Anonymous said...

Brad and Jeff were kissing??? OH MY!! Er...I guess that is what you were trying to say.

If NOT somebody is in BIG TROUBLE... SHELLY!!

Moth Hair!!

Anonymous said...

Any way...back to Tatum.

She's watching far to much TV!

Moth Hair

Anonymous said...

this is classic
anna once proclaimed I LIKE SEEING NAKED PEOPLE