Wednesday, February 20, 2008


....can't my arms and other things look like this. look how tan i was.
bruce, i don't know if i should thank you for sending this or punch you. hahah! i can TOTALLY look like this again. just you wait and see. :)
this was taken pioneer day 2002
who knew that the girl in this picture (letta) would end up being my realtor 4 years later.
now i'm really looking at this picture and in the last 5 1/2 years letta has become more beautiful and i.......well, let's just say i have quite a bit of work to do.


kara jayne said...

You are WAY too hard on yourself. You are adorable and so much fun to be around. I do believe you though that if you want can do it!

(now just sy that last part with the Romanian accent of Bela Karolyi)

kara jayne said...

Sorry about the typo, it was supposed to read
(now SAY that last part with the Romanian accent of Bela Karolyi)

Great, now it's not half as funny anymore!

Brenna said...

No, it's even funnier Kara! LOL I love this pic Stace. Reminds me of fun Brea times. Fun to see Reid with little Evelyn in the pic too. You both are beautiful though. You are wrong about yourself. Don't you know how beautiful you are?

I won't be posting ANY of the ones Bruce sent me. LOL
love you, Christine

Shelley said...

Stop getting so down on yourself!! You look even better now! Silly girl!

Shawni said...

Darn, I can't see the picture, but I'm sure you're beautiful in it just as you are beautiful now. I say we just get better when we're older (I have to say that because I"m trying to embrace my wrinkles.) I'll check back later and see if I can see the pic.

Crazy Momma said...

You are way crazy you always look BEAUTIFUL!!!

Shelly Hanson said...

I'm your sister, I'll be honest with you, you're a beautiful woman, how can you not've got great genes! You'll lose the weight when your really ready to. So quit worrying about what you're NOT right now and work with what you ARE. Skinny you may not be, but you're a good mother, wife, sister, and friend. You do everything for everybody, blah, blad, blah, I could go on and on but I'm at work right now. I love you Baby sister. you the BEST!

Anonymous said...

dangit-i was so skinny back then TOO!!!!!!
you crack me up.

Kenyon said...

You look even better now, I am serious :) Just by the little bit I know you, I can picture you probably rolling your eyes because I know how much honesty means to you. I think you are ADORABLE! You've just got that special somethin that makes you beautiful.