Wednesday, February 06, 2008

what is your color?

Take this test!

You're yellow, the color of joy and energy — two things you definitely bring to everyone around you. It's hard for anyone to be sad or lonely in your presence; your sunny disposition and cheery outlook just won't allow it. The warmth of your personality shines through in the kindness you show friends and family (and strangers, too). Always ready with a lighthearted joke or heartfelt compliment, you know how to make people feel good about themselves, so they can't get enough of you. Yellow is a warm and inviting color for a warm and inviting person — you!


Jill said...

I am black. Which is only half me.

kara jayne said...

I knew I liked you!!

Sarah said...

I think yellow is pretty fitting for you. I like bright and happy.

Sarah said...

I just took the test and I was yellow too. Pretty Crazy!

Unknown said...

I am this me???
Ok, maybe the demand for setting goals and perfection, but limosuines and evening gowns? Come on! :)

Shelly Hanson said...

I'm Orange

You're a bold, confident orange. A warm, powerful color that indicates a strong, welcoming personality, orange is the mark of people who are social and extroverted by nature. Vibrant, with an upbeat attitude, you have a bright, inviting demeanor. Energetic and fun-loving, you're a real friend-magnet. Your easy charm and unassuming manner make you the sort of person people want to meet and get to know better. Well-rounded and fun to be around, you enjoy helping others, so it's no surprise that orange also symbolizes attraction. Orange is an extraordinary color — for an extraordinary person.

Yes I AM!