Friday, March 07, 2008

eight more pounds down....

and i don't recommend doing it the way that i did. i'm gonna gain it all back when when i start eating again.
i have had the most HIDEOUS case of strep throat this week. i spent a good three day feeling like i was in the twilight zone and haven't completely returned. my house hasn't felt like my house, everything feels like slow motion and i never know what time of day it is when i wake up. i've had a fever every day since tuesday sometimes up to 103. i would get up and walk around like a zombie and would sometimes land in front of the computer just out of habit. i would start reading a post or check my email and be woken up abruptly by the jolt of my head dropping or my foot sliding off the edge of the desk. i'm telling you i felt like a narcolept. i could not keep my eyes open. i've had strep throat but never, NEVER this severe. a hadn't eaten any food until this after nooon when i had some of an apple sauce cup and about a quarter cup of fried rice. rice probably wasnt' the best plan. my bff amber brought me a chocolate shake from jack in the crack. it tasted good but i only got down half of it. lets just say i have been way under my point for the WEEK.
today i was desperate, BEYOND desperate. (it could have something to do with ZERO nutrition) the pain had seriously taken its toll. i called the dr. crying, begging for some kind of shot, anything to take the pain away. no matter what i took my throat still hurt so UNBELIEVABLY bad. here's what i tried.
  • ibuprofen (i always try that first)
  • Tylenol with codeine
  • Tylenol sore throat
  • Tylenol chest congestion
  • i've even gargled lidocane (so nasty and it didn't work)
  • gargled hot salt water hopping my tonsils would shrivel up like slug. did anyone else torture slugs like that when they were kids? kind of a sick thing to do. but every time i would gargle i would picture shriveling slugs.
NOTHING! none of it worked! i was high as a kite and couldn't hold a conversation with a worm and my throat still hurt like a mother. so back to today...desprate...begging...crying...yadda yadda. so the dr. had me come in and i was there for two hours. they turned off the lights and let me sleep. he gave me a steroid shot and it helped a TON. my throat still hurts but i think the pain in my butt has helped take my mind off the pain in my throat. THANKS DR. LEE! :) really though, it took the swelling down in my throat and that has helped tremendously. i don't have a thick neck but the last couple of days i have had the neck of a football player. my glands were SO swollen. i should say that i went to the dr. on wednesday and got a prescription and it got worse. seriously, my tonsils as i know them were no longer. there wasn't a pink spot in sight. TOTALLY WHITE! i was going to take a picture to share but i figured that would be WAY TMI.
so here's the thing, when i went onto google reader today to check out all of the blogs i stalk there were 51 new posts. don't you people have anything better to do? i have gotten through all of them but i'm gonna be honest here. i am NOT commenting on all of them but there were a couple that had some very interesting posts (kara) that i have to go back too and comment on cause i just have to.
while i've been complaining about myself here i forgot to mentioned that tates got it too but we caught hers before it got to hideous. aaaaaaannnnd my husband is amazing and has taken great care of all of us. i can usually take care of all motherly duties even while sick but this time i am sooooo grateful for a husband who works from home. i love you babe you're the best. i can't wait to be 100% so i can serve you. i think he's getting it too. all work and no sleep is starting to take it's toll.
sorry this was so long. i'm just excited that i made it through without falling asleep.
happy friday!
P.S. i'm apparently not as good as i though cause i just went back and read this and it's pretty lame. and when i did spell check...hahahahahha! most of the things i typed weren't even part of the english language.
one more thing. i have had to wear my night guard on my teeth all day. it seems that while i've been sleeping i have been clinching my teeth from that pain in my throat and my cheeks and tounge just happened to be in the way. so in other words i have giant holes all over the inside of my mouth, so i have to cover my teeth to protect my mouth. and also a georgous fever blister on my upper lip. it doesn't get any better than this friends.


kara jayne said...

That is THE WORST!!! I've had many bouts with the dreaded strep throat. Some tolerable, some AWFUL like you described! Glad you are on the mend! said...

OMG! You poor thing! Ken got a nasty head cold and Ava is ending her time with a cold! I started feeling it this morning so I popped drugs all day! I'm so sorry for you! At least you knew your Husband would be able to handle your 'mommy' duties for you!

Feel better!

Jody said...

I am so sorry. That horrible strain of the strep must be going around this area of the country. My mom got it while visiting my sister in Texas. She too was so sick she almost admitted herself into the hospital. She went home after 3 days in TX and STILL isn't all the way better. (She's been home for almost 2 weeks) Only after her THIRD round of antibiotics did she finally start to feel better. But she described feeling the exact same as you. I'm so glad Bro. Lee could's nice having a "resident" doctor in the ward! I'm praying for ya....feel better soon!

Shelly Hanson said...

I'M TELLING YOU ALL...IT'S GERM WARFARE!!!!! Everyone's getting something horrendous. I am so sorry Stac, that's miserable. I'm so glad you're feeling better now.

Can I have your leftover percoset? :) hehehe

renhallows said...

Stacy...oh, if there was a picture. Im kidding. Sorry to hear your down in the dumps. Strep throat is for the birds. PS congrats on your 8lbs..your doing great.

Unknown said...

Maybe your neck, and my ankles can get together and have a party. :) Yay for losing weight, but boo for feeling awful. Glad Jeff is there to help you!
I always crave tater tots when I read your blog and you mention Tates. :)

Shawni said...

Oh man I hope you're really feeling better. That's the worst to feel that way!

Dennison Family said...

I am so sorry you have been so sick! Strep is all over, and it is NOT fun! I'm glad you are starting to get better, and are at least coherent! Hope things turn around soon!

Kenyon said...

Our family is recovering from a flu that swept through our house, that sounds much like what you are describing....such a NIGHTMARE. So, sorry, nothing is worsre. Hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Long time no talk!

It's Elizabeth send me an email so we can catch up
Beth told me about your blog it's great.

Love ya lots

Erin said...

sorry you've been so sick stacy!

thank heavens for dr's, shots and drugs-even though it hurts.

Kristin said...

Wow that is crazy! I'm so sorry that you feel so crapy. I hope you feel better soon. I would not want to trade places with you right now...

Tara Whitney said...

im so sorry you were so sick stacy!