Sunday, March 09, 2008

things to be grateful for........OR NOT!

  • not chopping my own head off when that's all that i could possibly think of to do to make the pain in my throat go away.
  • steroid shots to take away the swelling in my throat and glands.
  • rodent sized portions of food to give me the smallest, and i mean smallest bit of energy.
  • antibiotics that i think are working cause my tonsils are mostly pink now.
  • my fever has been gone for a day.


  • i'm still grateful that i didn't chop off my head cause that would be disturbing at the dinner table.
  • the spot on my rear end that still hurts from the steroid shot.
  • the rodent sized portions of food that i ate that messed up my stomach .
  • the antibiotics that delivered a much UNAPPRECIATED gift. (only some of you will know what that's about)
  • and finally, the fever that is now gone has left me with a reminder of its not so welcome visit. two fat fever blisters on my upper lip.


yep, i'm delirious!

this message has been brought to you by: glass half empty productions.


Unknown said...

Stacy! I'm so glad you found me...Parker was just 4 months old when we moved, so I'm sure you're surprised we have another one already. Yikes! Anyway...I'm excited to keep tabs on you and your cute family. Your post made me laugh...maybe I need to get what you have to lose some of the baby weight!

Shelly Hanson said...

Ohhhh the unappreciated gifts that antibiotics give... I have felt your pain sister; but i'm glad you're feeling better.

Brenna said...

Sorry for the "Unappreciated gift". Sorry you were so miserable loves. Glad you are on the mend.
love, Christine

kara jayne said...

I am SO SO SORRY!! The rainbow in the clouds for me when I get feeling better from something is the realization that I might actually feel normal again.

Gardner Family said...

I saw you at the pinewood derby and thought you looked great. Of course I didn't know about antibiotics but adult diapers can help with that! :) I'm glad you back on the mend and sorry I didn't know you were sick.

Enjoy Birth said...

oh honey... sending hugs and get better vibes!

Shane and Becky said...

Hey Stacy, If by chance this turns into a nasty cough. Do what I do...Take LOTS of laxatives. Then you will be scared to cough. Hope you get well. Shane

Crazy Momma said...

Oh, stacy! I hope you do feel better soon! And if not and I have another crazy day and work I'll cut your head off if you'll cut mine off! (j/k) Hug-Angie

Nash said...

OK. It appears that all the drugs in the world have not done all that you were hoping. If you are interested check out it is just herbs and crap. But, I think you may want to give it a try. I am using his echinachea for boosting the immune system and got over my cold and my baby over strep. I am on a new venture with this holistic crap, but happy so far. check it out.

Erin said...

hey, i posted on this and it isn't here....

hope you're feeling better. so happy you have an awesome husband who is so willing to help out. congrats on the weight loss, even though you've been sick it is a huge jump start. hang in there loves.


Julie said...

Yikes! What happened to you?!

Hope you are on the mend and feeling normal, soon!

I'm still laughing at some of the comments, like the one for helping get rid of the cough! Ha ha!

Kristin said...

I'm sorry you have been feeling so crappy, that is so not fun! Feel better soon...