Thursday, April 24, 2008

any European requests?

So since I've been in Europe, Stacy's computer crashed, so she is still alive but not blogging. I think she is having withdrawls and has developed a slight twitch!

I was going to have her put a post to see if there were any special requests from Amsterdam, Belgium, Paris or the UK. Since I'm on my last leg in the UK and ya'll have missed out on those rad waffle sugar thingies, you are left with some options of:

Awesome milk / dark chocolates
Bears with the british flag
Reruns of the Benny Hill Show

If any of you have any requests (I am assuming mostly Swiss chocolate stuff) please put a post here, I'm leaving tomorrow. If you are requesting dark chocolate, the ranges are like 59% dark which is very standard to 85% + which is like eating the inside of your Honda Odyssey tire! Put a post if you want something.


P.S. and NO I WON'T BRING BACK HAGGIS OR BLACK PUDDING (AKA... THE AWFUL). If you are eating that stuff, you probably shouldn't be our friends anyways!


Brenna said...

If you can I'd love some Smarties!!!! Those are the BEST!!!Thanks Jefe!
love, Christine
p.s. let me know how much they are.

Brynn said...

Ah man! Too bad we missed Amsterdam. I've heard there's lots of good stuff there, if you know what I mean!

stacy said...

Thanks Brynn, I'll just run if the drug sniffing dogs come by. Great!

Christine, I'll look out for those for ya.

Shelly Hanson said...

CHOCOLATE!!!!!! somewhere between 59% and Honda Odessy Tire is perferred. I'd be happy to pay you for the shipping. And if you could bring me something home from the Red Light District that would be great too! ;)

Anonymous said...

hey, i actually like that pudding...!! lol. just kidding, never even tried it ;)
hope you are having fun while at work I assume?!
stacy sorry your puter is broken, miss you and hope you are feeling well.
love you!

Brenna said...

DUDE!!! Thanks so much for these Smarties! They are taking me back. You rock!