Friday, June 20, 2008

my first born

my mom took pity on me and sent me a "camera". she didn't want it because the pictures it took were horrible. guess what...i don't want it either. they ARE horrible and that was all i had to take pictures with yesterday when tristan turned NINE.

i'm not putting up the pics from yesterday for the above said reason but tomorrow i'll get some good shots with a real camera at his party.

here is the invite jeff designed. isn't it cool?

a couple of things about my boy:

it hurt like a mother to get him here. 28 hours of labor, 4 hours of pushing, a broken tail bone, a 10 lb. baby...the reward? a baby that came out looking like kwazi moto. if he wasn't already 10 lbs. i would have told them to put him back cause he wasn't done.

it didn't take him long to snap out of it though and he was more beautiful than i could have imagined him to be. we were so in love. being a parent for the first time is definitely an experience that can't be repeated, it's special, he's special.

he's a good and thoughtful friend. he is a good example to those around him. he wants to do what is right, sometimes to the point of driving everyone crazy but i love his conviction. i can see now that the thing that drive me a little (or a lot) crazy are going to be the things that i love and admire the most about him when he becomes an adult.

we love you so much tristan and we are so lucky to have you in our family. you are the best big brother. i love how much you love and care for your sisters. i love how you are a little daddy to tatum and watch out for her and snuggle with her when she is hurt or sad or just because you want to be close to her. i love how close in age you and jenna are that you laugh and play like friends and are totally silly together. i can't wait to see how amazing you will be with our new baby. you are such a good boy!



Brenna said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY T!!! I hope you have a super time at your party tomorrow! One thing I wanted to say about you is how thoughtful you are. You are always making sure everyone is taken care of. What an awesome quality at your age! Thanks for that DUDE!!

love ya, Christine

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Tristan! Wow...9 years old. I am so sad not to have you in our wolf den anymore. You are so fun, have a great day!

N Godown said...

Dude, Tristan! We totally miss you guys. Maybe if your parents ever invited us over we could see you more often. Happy Birthday! I LOVE your Invitations! You got a pretty neato dad. Hey maybe next time your dad comes out you can come with him and play with the godown boys!

Enjoy Birth said...

Wow, he was the incredible hulk! I may have to steal your guitar hero party idea. What all did you do? Carson is a Guitar Hero Rock Star. :)

Ali said...

hey sister - good catching up with you the other day - isn't it amazing how time flies? i can't believe our jacob is 11,it's weird - way cool invites btw - let me know when you guys want to come over, and don't be surprised if Jared pops over to do some home teachin' -- can't guarantee he'll be in costume though... :)

Brenna said...

Ok, I just thought of the funniest memory about Tristan and Brenna... LOL. Remember that time at the beach where Brenna was bullying Tristan? That is so funny to me, cuz I could never see her doing that now. Funny little toddlers!!!

Shelly Hanson said...

10 lbs. let me spell that out...P O U N D S! No wonder you're such a mess woman!

The invite rocks Jeff!

Addie Gaylord said...

Hey your page is so cute! I love the colors and design. I just wanted to tell you that your Jenna is the sweetest girl in class. You really have such a good girl! I love her.

Kenyon said...

Cool party invitation! Happy birthday to your cutie son.

Anonymous said...

I just love that boy !!

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A new Flight Attendant, said...

I'm so glad you found me! I've enjoyed reading your blog, we should get together sometime! Happy belated birthday to Tristan! Nile was 10.3lbs, I feel your pain.