Saturday, July 19, 2008

does anyone remember doug and wendy whiner?

well you can go ahead and call me wendy cause you're about to hear a whole lot of whining.
you would think that for a woman who has been without children for a week i would feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the world...that's just not so.
we left our kids last saturday with my parents and more than usual i missed them. i cried for them and worried about them SO MUCH! they were with my mom, a fully capable and loving grandma who has taken care of them many times before, not to mention that she had 4 children of her own. they all cried the first night because they wanted to come home and then tatum all but one night after. i HATED THAT!
i have only slept one good night since they left. sleep really helps with my attitude, especially being pregnant.
tuesday morning we got up at 4 am and flew to oakland. later that afternoon we drove over to san francisco. let me just say that if i had to judge that place on this, my first ever visit i would have to give it a major 2 thumbs down. it is so not my kind of place. now i realize that a lot of you have probably been there and loved it and i couldn't be happier for you but my kind of place is hawaii, slow relaxed and easy.
to be fair i have to say that i was exhausted, uncomfortable, the traffic was a joke (to much hustle and bustle), we should have taken a tour bus of sorts to get a more informed view of the sites, and we should have know better than to disturb the nice parking attendant man while he was watching a porn and giving himself a special massage. only in san fran! i won't say i'll never go back but we'll have to be rich and have been everywhere else that we want to go first...or if it's a free trip.
there has been more in between but that would just bring it all back so i'll spare you those little details.
i'm now at the lake and have been reunited with my babies. it's so nice to hug them and smell them and listen to their silliness. today we were all supposed go out on the lake. i was so excited to watch jeff and the kids fish off the side of the boat and this was the kids first time on a boat. i remember how excited i was to go on a boat when i was a kid and i couldn't wait to see their faces when the boat took off. well i'm sitting here typing this instead. we figured it would be safer for me and the baby if i didn't go. so i sat here and watched "a walk to remember" and bawled my head off. if you haven't seen this movie watch it at your own risk. i have a lump in my throat every time i watch it. anyway, i guess i was feeling sorry for myself so i went ahead and let it all out. i cried way more than usual. i think i really needed that.
i wish the week could have been more pleasant for me but surprisingly i am excited to get back to my life tomorrow.
i'll have a whole lot of pictures to share from the last few months, i can't wait to put the fun stuff up here. :)
have a great weekend!


Enjoy Birth said...

Sorry it wasn't a fun relaxing trip. Hugs!

Unknown said...

I always feel way better after bawling my eyes out. My husband doesn't get it, but it's true therapy! Get some rest!

Shelly Hanson said...


Would you please quit traveling??? Stay home and comment on my blog!

Brenna said...

Yeah, why is it therapeutic to shed some tears occasionally to feel better? So cleansing sometimes. Glad you had a good cry, but sorry it had to get to that point. That movie makes me ball my eyes out too. I wish you could go to SF at a time when you aren't prego and tired and you could really walk around (and with me). There are some really "special" people there, but to me, the people watching is part of the fun. Love you and miss you tons. It was fun having dinner the other night even though it was rushed. I hope you still had fun at the river with the fam. Glad you have your peeps back. Give them hugs for me.
love, Christine

Ruth said...

What A bummer. I LOVE San Francisco!!!! Next time go with me. I'll show you all the best parts.

Sarah said...

Sorry you didn't have a better time traveling and being without the kidos. Glad you could have a good cry. Sometimes that is all you need.

Jill * Zane said...

Hey Stacy, I've looked at your blog a few times, but not sure if I've commented or not. So here's your comment! Glad you are reunited with all of your babies. As much as I enjoy some quiet time alone, I feel lost when the kids aren't around.

Unknown said...

i so soddy my favorite place didnt treat you well. i can understand though, if you were needing hawaii and got the city of SF. :)

Julie said...

I cried in the airport on the way to Brazil. Adam was mortified. So, I hear you on missing the kiddo's. Just means you are a fabulous mom!

Ad bummer that your trip wasn't more fun. I do love San Fran, but Hawaii works, too! :)

Crazy Momma said...

hope everything is going ok stacey we havn't heard from you in a bit. Did you find out boy or girl?

bows and more said...

I found your blog from Julie C.'s blog! You are such a cutie! I just though I would drop a compliment from a stranger! I loved your story at Wal-mart!
Ha-Larry-Ass sorry if my swearing offended you! I will never look at a cart again with out laughing and thinking of your story! Just thought I would say Hi! And tell you thanks for the laugh! I needed it in a mean way today! Feel free to stop by and say hi! Good luck with the baby! Take care, Kelsi

Sarah said...

Okay Wendy, something new would be nice. :)

Shelly Hanson said...

I'm giving up on you! Move it sister!