Friday, December 12, 2008

num yummmmmy

you know how there are things that can make you feel hungry when you look a them?
this isn't one of them!
we were just minding our own business, trying to enjoy a nice meal as mother and daughters and this made it next to impossible to finish our meal.
my sweet jenna never even mentioned it until i asked her two hours later if she had seen what i saw. she told me she saw it but she didn't care cause she was used to seeing her dads crack hahahaha!


Anonymous said... least the rung of the chair leaves a LITTLE to our imagination, though not much. Can't they feel the draft?

moth hair

Brenna said...

OH MY GOSH! I just can't believe you took a picture! OH MY GOSH! Well... maybe I can! I just love you!
love, me

Shelly Hanson said...


Anonymous said...

Was that a casadilla in his crack?


Dennison Family said...

Hahaha!! Thanks for the laugh! That truly is a BARF!!! :)

Ali said...

That is SO gross, I can't believe you took a picture! HaHaHaHa...

Julz said...

I came to see the lude picture and you did not disapoint! That is nasty, cant he feel that?? I think I would know it if 7 inches of my crack were exposed!!

lov said...

this is toooooooo funny! :)