Sunday, January 25, 2009

addies' blessing day...

was apparently NOT the day for pictures. i HATE that we didn't get any pictures because two weeks later this little lovie looks completely different. her hair is falling out and let's just talk about the chubbs. this is one chunky girl! i love every inch of her.
on january 4th 2009 addie was blessed. we had so many sweet friends and family here with us. it is always nice to have the people that we love around us. thank you to everyone who drove out here just for our little addie.


Anonymous said...

I am feeling mighty guilty about not speaking up and telling you guys to take pics. I was enjoying nuzzling up to that sweet baby girl and taking a snooze.

love, me

Shawni said...

Ok, that last post of your husband's is probably one of the funniest yet.

And what a beautiful baby blessing dress.