Tuesday, February 24, 2009

bloopers and a baptism day (2-21-09)

we didn't get a single good picture on Jenna's baptism day so i thought that we would just retake some the next day after church since we would all be in our sunday dress..........YEAH RIGHT!
this will probably seem completely redundant but i need you to see what i am up against. not only are the people doing something different in all of the pictures but the sun was SO BRIGHT! jenna can't even have her picture taken outside on an overcast day without tears streaming down her face. my super sensitive girl.
jenna not looking.

we get her to look but the weirdo on the other side of me has completely lost it.

tristan...WHAT IN THE HECK!?!?!?!

well at least addie has her eyes open.

here we are the next day after church...very interesting. look at tatum...she was ticked off about having to take pictures again.

at least we can count on addie to be cute. i know that won't last for long so i'm trying to take advantage of the cuteness now.

here are the good pictures from Jenna's baptism day. here they are all ready for the big moment.
for those of you who don't know: as members of the church of jesus christ of later day saints we are baptized at the age of 8.

jeff took jenna outside and took this sweet picture of her.

jenna looked so beautiful! this is a necklace that her aunt shawnah made for me, we both thought that it would look beautiful with her dress.

it was such a special day for our family. we are so proud of jenna for her choice to be baptized and we know that she will be blessed in great abundance for this decision.


Julz said...

The "Tristan, what the heck?" picture is just hilarious!

Anonymous said...

OH WHAT A BEAUTIFUL GIRL!! Congrats on your baptism, Jenna! I'm right there with ya on pictures of the kids....nightmare!!!! I've pretty much given up on my own pictures of them, BRATS! :D I still love em though! I totally LOVE Tatum's "ticked off" picture, PERFECT!!!!

Brynn said...

Those pictures of Jenna are gorgeous! Congrats Jenna!!!!

5littlenordstroms said...

Love the Pictures. Baptisms are so fun and we never get good pictures either. I'm impressed that you were able to get in there. I'm pretty much non existent in pictures because I'm the only one who will take them around here.

Rachelle said...

Very beautiful photos. What a special day!

5littlenordstroms said...

I'm just not that cool. $ store!!!
and I just found shawni on your side bar and have loved her blog. I've read all her parents books and feel like I already know their family even though I really don't. She is just inspiring and I love too read her posts and see all of her beautiful photography.

Nash said...

i was just going to ask you if you would ever take pics of my kids and how much. and i LOVE all those pictures. they are so great. You are looking FANTASTIC!
you should come to shower so you can make it more "lively". come in beth's place. ha. she'll love that.

www.amiestarks.typepad.com said...

RUDE - You didn't even tell us about this! I'm mildly offended! :) We would have love to have been there!

I think the more kids you get the harder it is to get a good pic! You are looking good though, keep up the good work!

The Van Fam said...

Jenna is beautiful and I love her dress! And don't worry, your family pictures turn out alot better than ours do... and we only have 4 people to try to get to smile at the same time! And that Addie... I just love her... everytime I see her it just makes me want a girl so much!

... about my post... I figured it had to do something with security. Why can't they just say that?

Sarah said...

She really was beautiful on her baptism day!! Even though the pictures are not perfect they are still cute.

Erin said...

Aww...Happy Baptism Day Jenna! Wish we could have been there. I'm so happy for you Jenna, Congratulations.

I LOVE all your photos...Jenna is beatiful!!

As for the 'good' pictures...kids are kids. I have gazillions of photos just like this...lol.

Jill * Zane said...

Cute, cute fam! I l-o,l-o,l-o,l-o-v-e the "next day" pic. You should have that blown up and framed 'cause it is a classic! Who needs perfectly posed pictures all the time, I mean, come on?!

Shelly Hanson said...

Whatever...Boopers or no bloopers you still have the better looking kids!

Can't wait to hug and kiss all you bloopers next month!

Unknown said...

OK...I know I'm leaving this comment WAAAAY after the fact, but I love the pictures! I just can't believe how TAN you all are for February! I need to move to Arizona! You look so good, Stacy...and your family is beautiful!