Wednesday, April 01, 2009

6th file 6th picture

first of all this was hard for me to do because as photographers we do have MANY files that are other peoples files mixed in with our own. so i counted the 6th benintendi file and opened that and there were about 50 other files in that so i counted 6 more files in and found this folder and this picture as the 6th one in. feeeewwww! i'm glad that's done!
this was a picture that jeff took of me and tatum on tristan and jennas last day of school at eagles aerie. i was a few months pregnant with addie girl...i DO NOT miss those days! them was bad times! i'm noticing though, that my stomach looks like that right now. oops!
i had to share this picture that was taken the same day. she looks so little and LOOK, she found a friend her own size. :)

i tag anyone who sees this and thinks it would be fun! :)


courtney said...

of course i ment you. i was at taco bell today to get the kids something to eat and the lady at the counter asked me if I was having another girl. RUDE!! i told her NOPE just fat. I think i emberassed her OH WELL!! Your kids are so cute.

Crazy Momma said...

ok stacey i'm going to do this but i want to know how you found a semi recent pic for me it's an old pic in the 6th and 6th. ps you look beautiful in the picture and tatum is so cute! what a cool pic of her and the horse.

Anonymous said...

That's so cute! And if that's what you look like now they you rock! you look so good!

<3 love you

christine said...

These pics sure make me miss that place! And for the record, I happen to think you look great. In fact when I saw you Saturday, I failed to mention that I can see it in your face. You look awesome. Don't know how I got distracted from that! love you sweets.