Tuesday, May 19, 2009

the best laid plans

remember if you want a reality blog come here. if you want someone to lie to you about how AMAZING their life is you are in the wrong place!
i had every intention of enjoying my sisters visit to the FULLEST...i really did. i was so excited to have her here while jeff was in florida doing his half ironman. i was going to have the house clean and along with that i had the idea that there would be A LOT of fun and laughter.
for days before shelly arrived i had a headache that would not go away. this meant that the house cleaning was absolutely minimal. i also got little to no sleep the night before for a # of reasons. when she got here she helped me clean out the girls room and throw things away that they just don't need and get us ready for our move. i had a headache at the time but it was easier then doing it on my own so i took complete advantage of here help.
what i will say to make this short is:
i didn't sleep at all while she was here
i had a headache every day, including the 3 1/2 hours of the 4 free hours we had without kids.
i got the biggest, nastiest fever blister i have ever had in my life, and i've had a lot of them. what you probably don't know is that theses things tend to take over my whole life while i have them...it HURTS!
i got a special lady infection.
my baby had a fever for three of the days...pretty grumpy. double ear infection.
shelly took her turn on sunday with a nasty headache.
and after i dropped my sister off at the airport i got a visit from aunt flow and if you know me you know when she comes to visit i'm pretty much stuck at home.
super fun visit shelly. glad we could get together. next time we'll meet in hawaii! :) even with all of the nonsense i enjoyed having my sister around. we don't get to see each other much. i love you shell! thanks for your help.
as if the last 5 days weren't action packed enough, jeff spent a couple of hours with us last night while he tried to stay alert. (he is exhausted from the ironman and no sleep) he couldn't even wake up enough to come sleep in our bed with me. come to think of it, maybe it was all of the stuff above that kept him out of our bed. :) and then before we got up this morning he was out the door again headed to cali for work for 2 days. 7 day without a husband/daddy. i know that people do it for way longer and that other people have worse issues than me but i think it has all just added up.
to add to my adventure addie was up most of the night last night and when we got up in the morning i could see what was keeping her up.
this poor little sweet heart is having an allergic reaction to her antibiotics.

it's all over her face and in her hair and now that it's later in the day it has traveled to her stomach and her limbs.

i was going to give her benadryl but i'm afraid because on the label it says DO NOT GIVE TO CHILDREN UNDER 2! that kind of scares me.

i'm tired and i am TOTALLY feeling sorry for myself. i am DONE being alone and feel like i deserve some assistance. i know that at this stage it is out of jeffs control because he's working but i HATE this garbage sometimes. i really feel like a single mom sometimes and it is exhausting.

do you know of anyone who has a free maid service? :)


The Johnsons said...

Gosh, I don't know what to say besides I'm sorry! That adds up to a pretty darn stinky week. Poor little Addie, I hope the doctor gave her something different. You'd think living in AZ, the heat would kill any virus germs!

I'm guessing your headaches aren't going to go away until you get some rest. In the meantime, if you haven't tried it, put an icepack on your head where it hurts, it's soothing.

I kind of know how you feel on the single mom thing. Paul does heating and air conditioning, in between seasons it's really slow, but as things heat up/freeze, it gets busy. He was gone 14 hours today, will sleep for 45 minutes, and go to his second job. :o( On the days he doesn't work the second, he's so tired he passes out as soon as he gets home. He's home a little, but usually asleep!

I wish I could come help you out, so you could get some rest and heal up from everything. You need to move to Utah, so we can help you out!
Get your kids a movie rental and some junk food, tell the big kids to watch the littles, lock your door, and sleep for 2 hours. It will help a little.
Good luck :o)

Julz said...

Some good news...Tristan is done with his Bear. AND, I happen to have a free maid service, didnt you know that?? Call to make your appointment! (or I'll call you)

5littlenordstroms said...

So sorry Stacy. I know the feeling. I felt like a single mom too at times when Danny was working. It's so nice to have him home in that regard. I wish I was closer to help you out. We will have to play when I get into town. Good luck and I hope you all feel better soon.

The Cooper Crew said...

When it rains it pours! I hope things are getting better for you. Let me know if there is anything you need! Is Addie allergic to sulfa? Wyatt had the exact same reaction to ear infection medicine and they said he was allergic to sulfa. I guess it is in only certain ear medicines. I hope she is feeling better!

Shelly Hanson said...

Oh Sista! I know...it wasn't as fun as it should have been and I know how miserable you were. I wish I could have been more help. I just didn't know where to start. I came home so sad that it wasn't a better time for us. I'm still so glad I got to be with you. The Headaches SUCK!!!!!! I've had one every afternoon since Sunday. What's wrong with us!? Freaks!

Poor little Addie baby. Ear infections AND a rash!

I've got a good lip picture if you want to post it! And someday we're going to do that spa thing we were talking about where we plan 6 months or more in advance and see what Girl Friends want in!

Ladies...are you listening?

I love you sister...It will all get better someday. I promise.

Julie said...

My dear, this is what I love to read. The real life, real mothering, real struggles that I face, too. I get so sick of reading all the mommy blogs that never talk about the hard stuff. Because on my tough days I crave a little commiseration. I have my fair share of "I love my job, I'm the luckiest in the world" days. But I also have the days where I wonder where I went wrong.

Keep up whatever you are doing. It's working. but let your kids help more. They can! You need a break. Hire a babysitter with all your extra cash :) and go sleep. Seriously.

christine said...

That is really stinky! I got your e-mail. I'll be e-mailing you back soon. I am toast from the drive and will be curling up with a book this instant! Love you!

The Van Fam said...

i love your reality blog! most blogs make people sound like their life is always perfect. that is a bummer that you weren't feeling good when your sister was here though. i would love to watch your kiddos some day if you need a break! and how funny what tatum said about getting married! she is so cute!! how about she can marry Trey, he likes older woman.

Angela said...

I so know how Addie feels, I had the same reaction to antibiodics when I was little and also just last summer. I can feel your pain little one!!!