Thursday, May 21, 2009

tatum is getting married!

(this is jeff)
so the other night when i got home from california, we were eating dinner and tatum says: "mom and dad, when i get married me and my husband are going to have spaghetti... "we'll each have one side and slurp it until we kiss."

I told her she is on restriction until she is 50!



Shelly Hanson said...

You guys are in soooooo much trouble. HAVE FUN!

christine said...

Aww! She's a romantic. I knew I loved that girl. Has she seen Lady and the Tramp lately?

Crazy Momma said...

that's so cute, little girls love the idea of marrige only when her parents have a great one to show them! my girls talk about it too. But Kevin only put them on restriction until 28. :)
Ps thanks for the well wishes and i would rather "pee funny" than have a big smile face scar below my belly button :)