Wednesday, August 26, 2009


so stacy is going to kill me (and some of her friends) for this post. Some of you don't know, but stacy is obsessed with taking pictures of herself (see below). Tristan even said today "Dad, how come Mom takes pictures of herself like that:"

She actually takes a picture of us helping her push while she is delivering addie... seriously?

and sometimes she gets so desperate, when she can't reach far enough away to get the picture, she won't give up... she exerts every ounce of energy and any method possible to take the picture. Look at the pain and angioush she goes through to get this critical "couples shot" of the two of us:

She even has Tatum doing it

but stacy isn't the only one doing strange things. here are some of stacy's best friends, I love them to death but I just don't get it. also, what the heck is stacy doing to elvis?

what is up with the angry coleslaw?

I don't think Rich will ever look at Amber the same, EVER AGAIN!

I am not innocent but I think a triathlon is a pretty normal use for half of the faces above and acceptable to most of society. I would think swimming, being mugged, lifting heavy objects or if you are just really stopped up are all good application for these faces. Not sure why they are being used above.

what I don't understand with how beautiful everyone is why the faces?

my wife is super cute and I love her. this is my favorite picture of her having fun and being normal:

Have a good day!



Shelley said...

This cracks me up! Love it! :)

Shelly Hanson said...


Robyn said...

You've got to be the funniest man i know......i love your humor. Miss you guys!

weaverfam said...

Too FunnY!

christine said...

Ummm.... EW! Ya you are right, you have a beating coming to you. I did not approve these! LOL I am cracking up at them though. I know you texted me about this earlier to check out, but it has been super crazy until now. I love the one of her singing too. SO STACY! love you guys! me

Crazy Momma said...

I just wish we could have stayed in Gilbert longer... I love stacy and had some fun times with her but I know you and Kevin would have gotten along great had you had the chance.

Rachelle said...

Okay, the photo of the girl with the tiny eye and gigantic eye, booger, crazy teeth, and long tongue had me laughing for about 5 mins straight. Funniest thing I have seen in a while. Thanks for sharing! You all are beautiful.

Shelly Hanson said...

Like Mom said to me once when I posted a silly picture of me and the girls, "It's a good thing you're pretty"!

Sarah said...

Ha Ha!!! I can't believe blogger let you post all those hideous pictures. Honestly though they bring back a ton of hilarious memories and good times. I have been laughing my head off for about 5 min straight. Oger Amber is one of my favs!!! Thanks, even though you deserve a beat down.