Thursday, May 13, 2010

things are changing around here

yesterday i took the plunge...i told my boy about the birds and the bee's. tristan has know things about our amazing bodies since i was pregnant with addie and over the last couple of years he has asked MANY questions and i had decided long ago that i would would be as honest with my kids as i possibly could about the matters of life.
i remember how it made me feel to start my period and not really know what was happening. i remember hearing about "sex" from the kids at school and pretending like i knew what they were talking about and feeling YUCK about what i had heard. on a side note this is how my mom found out when she was a girl...all on her own, so in her defence letting me figure it out on my own was what she thought was ok to do. i knew that i didn't want that for my kids. i want my kids to be armed with this information. i want them to know that heavenly father created us and planed this whole thing out and that's it's not gross or dirty, that it's such an inspired plan. i don't want ideas swimming around in their little heads. I WANT THEM TO KNOW!!!! and i want to be the one to tell them.
it was a great experience and he said some really cute and some REALLY hilarious things. my favorite thing that he said that i just knew that i need to document was:
he looked me straight in the face and said it so slow and steady and it made me smile because i knew exactly how he felt but i took comfort in knowing that he was in the safest place to learn such a sacred lesson and now he knows. he knows how babies are made but most importantly he learned it from me.


Julz said...

Good job Stacy, that's a TOUGH one!

Crissybug said...

I know my day will come soon enough. I don't know why it is such a difficult subject to talk about with kids, but for whatever reason it is. Way to go! Nothing is better than learning about it from someone he can trust!

Crazy Momma said...

i am in 100% agreement with what you did and how you did it. i too learned about it at school, and felt shame with having questions and i don't want that for my kids. could you please tell me how old he is?

stacy said...

thanks you guys! angie, tristan is 10. alot off people say to do it around 8 but like i said. when i was pregnant with addie it opened an amazing door to this whole subject. he really knew most everything. he has known about periods for about a year. he now has armpit hair and jenna is wearing a bra so there was alot to talk about before this ever happened. i think if you ease them into it over time it is WAY easier to get to this point. my kids don't need the big production that others might need. they like a good easy conversation.

christine said...

LOVE this post Stace! I have had some amazing moments with Brenna too. I loved it so much when she asked questions. I too, learned on the street about all the stuff. I am actually excited to talk to Jake too! Thanks for sharing your moment with T. BTW I can totally picture him saying that quote nice and sllllloooooowww! LOL Love you, me

Shawni said...

good job, Stacy!!! I agree with you 100% that having that big talk is so very important.

Love, Shawni

Robin said...

You are awesome, I am so nervous about that talk. I've had the "How to talk to your kids about Sex" book on my dresser for weeks, just as a reminder that it needs to happen soon! I'm just trying to figure out exactly the best way to do it. You'll have to give me some pointers.

Jody said...

When I told Riley (2-3 years ago) it was just this spur of the moment thing where I felt it was the right time. I remember feeling really comfortable, keeping it very simple but not forgetting the important parts. She had to stop me after a while with, "OK Mom, that's good." I guess it's something I wasn't nervous about. I don't think other mothers should be so hesitant about it. Better to find out from you than from a friend.

Leisa Tapia said...

Hey Stacy -
I wish I had your email or something! Thanks for your comment on congrats on #5!!! The kids are very in tune... the girls told me it was a girl a while ago. And they told me kai was a boy with blue eyes... so I know those little sweet spirits get little insights into the sweet spirit that is coming.
I am getting totally excited! I really am :) I had a dr appointment.. and now if we talk about the baby or the kids want to touch my belly... or anything... I don't feel that pit in my stomach grrrr-ing at me. I feel so so much better about everything :) I keep looking at cute baby girls I see around with big ole chubby cheeks... and I'm getting excited.
I hope everything goes so so good for you guys and for #5!

Leisa (now-happy-healed-Leisa :)

Debbie F. said...

I love your stories, how you really enjoy your kids. Me too. I remember telling my daughter about the birds and bees, who's close to being 17 1n July. What's beautiful about me telling her to remain a virgin till she's married is that I was actually one myself. So me being one is good for her to know her mom did it too. God Bless You.