Sunday, February 01, 2009

the names in this story have been changed to protect the innocent and quite possibly the not so innocent.

yesterday rickey and his sisters went to play at their friends house together.

rickey: mom, lucy said the "B" word.
mom and dad talk amongst themselves to try and decide exactly what the "B" word is, rickey over heard and said it was none of those.
dad: spell it rickey.
rickey: B-O...hmmm...S-H...i think?...E-T, yeah it's
mom: BOSHET?
mom, saying this out loud suddenly realizes the closeness to another special word.
mom: WOW! OK! how bout we don't ever say that again!
rickey: yeah mom i told you.

moral of the story: keep your kid slightly ignorant and never let them learn how to spell.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I know what you mean. I remember when Brenna was so little starting to read and spell, there was the special "F" word in graffiti at the train station and she was sounding it out. I had to stop it, because I couldn't bear the sound of that word coming from her sweet, mushy, young, innocent lips. UGH! Poor innocent "Rickey". LOL

Julz said...

Thats funny! I love the spelling "Rickey" came up with.

Jill * Zane said...

Sounds like Lucy has some 'splaining to do! Nice Ricky and Lucy reference. : )

Robin said...

Your blog just makes me happy. I've been catching up on your past posts. Remind me to not let Jeff watch my baby anytime soon. J/K

The Van Fam said...

haha oh wow! thats pretty funny! good job on changing the names to protect the innocent... by the way do you like how i still stalk you and your blog even though you cant see mine haha. ok lets try this one more time, send me an email and perhaps this time it will actually work?

Nash said...

That cracks me up.
One time my husband's B-U-T-T was showing and my daughter was in the room and was learning how to spell. SO, i so intelligently said "honey your A-S-S is showing." And immediately the wheels in her head were turning. She sounded that thing out twice, turned to me and said it. We died laughing. So, never spell out the bad words. I thought I was being so clever.
I would SO go to Wicked with you. I first need to come to the park with you.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Lucy's mom and dad aren't aware that she has picked up a new word (or 2). If they read your blog hopefully they will catch on.

Moth hair

Shelly Hanson said...

LOL that's so fuuny! I think you handled that very well. If you had gotten mad at Lucy that would have been total BOSHET!